Ramp length

With this easy guide it will be easy to calculate the length of ramp required, alternately you can use our own length calculator

The slope of the ramps during use may not exceed a maximum of 30%, which is equal to 16.5°. In order to determine the minimum length of the ramps, apply the following formula:


Let's assume we need to overcome a load height (H) equal to 1.20 meters, Load height (H) is the overall vertical height from the ground up to the bed of the vehicle where the ramp will rest.

By applying the formula indicated above, we obtain:
RAMP LENGTH IN METRES (L) = 1.20 metres x 100 / 30 = 4 metres long ramp required.

You can use the above formula to calculate the ramp length required or alternately please type your load height and the gradient "30" into our length calculator below:

Loading Ramp Length Calculator

Please note the above values will only be set to a 30% gradient if you type the number 30 on Gradient, the results will be approximated to the length required, for example if the result is 3.25 or 3.75meters you will require a minimum ramp length 3.5m and 4m respectively.

For load heights over 1500mm or if you need more information please contact us.