Industrial Ramps

The products of the industrial heavy duty ramps are built specifically for the use of loading steel tracked and solid wheels vehicles. Der Rampen Shop offers two options: Rubber Surfaced Loading Ramps and Milled Surfaced Ramps.

Available in many different lengths and widths they feature a maximum capacity of 58,000kg which makes them the strongest ramps we offer in our product catalogue.

For custom change of the load height, safety edges or the connection option we charge an additional 77,35€ inc. VAT per ramp or per ramp pair.

The DRS120 series profile depths are 120mm deep and are available in widths up to 720mm, other widths are available on request and feature a capacity up to 26,300kg. Perfect for all industrial industries, our DRS120 series aluminium loading ramps come with industrial strength rubber coating; providing sustainable grip for steel rollers, plant vehicles and all similar machinery.

The DRS130 series profile depths are 130mm deep and feature a milled aluminum surface for better grip. Those are available in two different widths, 450mm and 600mm. They feature a capacity of up to 58,000kg which makes them our strongest ramps. Perfect for heavy duty industrial machinery with steel tracks.

Both ramp series are only available without edges.