Speed Bumps

Our range of speed bumps for temporary and permanent use is available in three different heights between 50mm and 75mm. Reduces speed down to walking pace. Universal fixings for tarmac and concrete, and a SDS Max drill bit are supplied free of charge.

Manufactured from 100% robust and recycled rubber these speed bumps are supplied in black and yellow, and are also fitted with reflective chevrons on both sides for high visibility. Ideal for heavy duty traffic are our 60mm high speed bumps which has been fitted for reinforcement with a steel bar and offers capacities of up to 60t.

speed bump installation guide

All property owners understand the risks of cars and trucks speeding through their premises. Our speed bumps ensure all measures are taken to reduce this risk. By using our speed bumps you are making sure traffic speed can be reduced to be as slow as walking pace. The 50mm and 75mm speed bumps have a weight capacity of 20,000kg and are ideally be used on commercial parking lots, like schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes.

Our 60mm high steel reinforced speed bumps have a capacity of up to 60t and are for areas with lorries or articulated lorries traffic.

Bulk prices are available. Should you require this or do you need more information, please contact our service team.