Road Safety & Traffic Calming

Der Rampen Shop offers a wide variety of traffic calming equipment to help improve safety in a range of applications, such as road traffic, construction areas etc. in a fast and temporary but also permanent function.

We offer portable speed bumps but also speed bumps and speed cushions to bolt down, in heights between 50mm and 75mm, so the traffic will be reduced to walking pace. All speed bumps and speed cushions are supplied with free fixing materials and a SDS Max drill bit.

Our range of parking safety products includes wheel stops and column protectors to improve safety in car park areas. Designed to aid safe car parking and minimise damage caused by potential collisions, our parking safety equipment is made from high impact resistant materials and designed to be both durable and long lasting. From small cars to large vehicles and industrial applications, you’ll also find our wheel chocks are ideal parking safety solutions for a variety of needs.