Channel Ramps

Telescopic channel ramps are mostly a fast and efficient solution to provide wheelchair access in home and on the road. With a capacity of up to 400kg these ramps are ideal for most of the manual wheelchairs.

You have the choice between our economy telescopic ramps, either with a black anti-slip surface or aluminium extruded surface for better grip. We also offer a range of premium channel ramps, as telescopic, foldable or a combination of both options.

All our channel wheelchair ramps are anodised to prevent stains and corrosion.

Please note that those channel ramps are ONLY suitable for manual wheelchairs. Electric wheelchairs and mobility scooter with low ground clearance tend to get stuck in the channels.

More information about our wheelchair ramps can be found in our Guide to buy a wheelchair ramp.

Manufactured of lightweight aluminium, our channel ramps are strong and easy to use. Prices and capacity stated is for the pair.

Our channel ramps do not require any installation, simply open them and lay down. They are ready to use. No modification of vehicles, steps etc. required.

Der Rampen Shop’s choice of channel ramps for wheelchairs features include:

  • Anodised Aluminium Kerbs and Lip Prevent Stains and Corrosion
  • Perforated Anti-Slip Surface or Black Grip Surface
  • Manufactured from lightweight Aluminium
Please note that our channel ramps are not recommended for mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs; due to their low ground clearance and wide wheels they can easily be stuck in the channels of the ramp.