Roll-A-Ramp - Platforms

Ready to Order Sets of the Roll-A-Ramp platforms, with handrails and support legs for heights up to 40cm. Should you need a platform for higher or lower heights, please contact us directly. The maximum height possible with our platforms is 160cm. The platforms are only usable with our range of Roll-A-Ramp products.

Roll-A-Ramp Features Include: 

  • Suitable for all kind of wheelchairs and mobility scooters
  • Can be used in- and outdoors
  • Safe Usage without further installation
  • Existing systems can be extended as desired
  • Various gradients possible
  • Usable in listed buildings
  • Usable in all vehicles like vans and busses
  • Wide range of accessories available, like handrails, safety edges, safety feet, platforms etc.
  • Tested by leading safety institutes in the USA and Germany

The rolling ramp Roll-A-Ramp® is versatile and its unique design allows it to adapt to countless ramp access applications. Should you need more information, please contact our service team. We are happy to help finding the perfect ramp solution for you.