Lightweight Aluminium Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Our modular wheelchair ramps manufactured from high quality and lightweight aluminium, designed with adjustable and fully modular components. Therefore these system can be fully customised and build to your requirements. We supply all systems with all fixings and instructions, so all you need to do is assemble the ramp. The assembling should be done a minimum of 2 persons, as some components are too heavy to be lifted by one person only.

If you have more questions our service team is happy to help. On request we can also customise a system for your need.

Installation Guide in Image and Word of the FEAL modular ramp systems.

Our narrower lightweight aluminium modular ramp system is ideal for adapting private addresses to become easily wheelchair accessible. Similar systems can be supplied for places such as schools, doctors surgeries and care homes. These systems are essentially separate free standing structures so don't require any modification or building work and can be dismantled and re-used elsewhere.

In regards of the German Building Regulations DIN18040, the essentiality with a wheelchair ramps is the gradient. The longer the ramp, the smoother the gradient, that can be used to realise a wheelchair ramp. The DIN18040 requests a maximum gradient of 6%, meaning with a 1m long ramp the load height cannot be higher than 6cm. This offered gradient guarantees that a wheelchair user is able to overcome this height independently. A modular wheelchair ramp according to DIN18040 also requests a usable widths of min. 1200mm as well as handrails on both sides. If the ramp is longer than 6m, it is a requirement to build in a platform for rest, with the minimum dimensions of 150cm x 150cm and handrails. Our 1300mm wide systems are designed to fulfill these regulations.

Our wider modular ramps are ideal for providing access as an alternative loading solution, too, as the systems can support up to 400kg as standard capacity. 

We also offer to help customers specify what they need and can provide full quotations to businesses and private individuals, including creating simple drawings with all the dimensions and showing the ramps layout.

Lightweight Aluminium Modular Wheelchair Ramp Features Include:

  • Fully modular design that can be adapted and changed easily
  • Designed to fit right up to the door
  • Long life anodised aluminum prevents rusting and makes it weatherproof
  • Available in 900mm and 1300mm internal usable widths
  • Can be used with or without handrails; no effect on the stability of the ramp system
  • Up to 1300mm in load height as standard
  • Up to 400kg/m capacity