Galvanized Steel Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Our modular wheelchair ramps selection has been manufactured from adjustable and fully modular components. Therefore these system can be fully customised and build to your need. We supply all systems with all fixings and instructions, so all you need to do is assemble the ramp. The assembling should be done a minimum of 2 persons, as some components are too heavy to be lifted by one person only.

All instructions and a video for assembling the system can be found here.

If you have more questions our service team is happy to help. On request we can also customise a system for your need.

We offer two different widths with our modular ramps: 1100mm width and 1500mm width.

The 1100mm wide system is ideal to make your own four walls barrier-free. Similar systems can be delivered also for public buildings, such as schools, doctor’s practice or care homes. These ramps are manufactured as free standing constructions, no modification on the building is required. They are also easily de-constructed and fast installed elsewhere, if needed.

For more public buildings we recommend the wider system, which is completely compliant with the German building regulations DIN18040 for barrier-free living. This system has a capacity form up to 400kg/qm (Standard is 200kg/qm). First of all, these systems are intended to offer a carrier-free access for people, who are in need of mobility aids. But it is also possible, to use these modular ramps as a different loading solution. As these systems are build out of modular parts, you can easily change the layout of this system. If you have any questions regarding our modular ramps, please feel free to contact our service team.

We also offer our customers, to contact us wit specific requests, based on images and drawings we can create the ramp system for you, which will be delivered with all parts and only need installation. On request we can create a 3D model of your future ramp.

Modular Wheelchair Ramp Features Include:

  • Fully modular design that can be adapted and changed easily
  • Designed and delivered to fit right up to the door
  • Long life galvanised zinc coating prevents rusting
  • High capacity construction
  • Available in 877mm and 1276mm internal usable widths
  • Multiple handrail options including customised powder coated options
  • Up to 1400mm in height as standard
  • Up to 400kg/m capacity (on request)
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty