Wheelchair Ramps

The product range of Der Rampen Shop is one the most comprehensive range of wheelchair ramps on the market.

From economy and channel ramps up to the strengthened premium wheelchair ramps for all kind of steps and small staircases, our ramps for wheelchairs are popular within shop owners or pharmacies who need temporary disabled access to their facilities. But also for small thresholds, edges and other small obstacles we offer a wide range of threshold ramps, made out of rubber, fibreglass and aluminium.

We offer a wheelchair ramp calculator to determine the length you need.

Whether you need a temporary solution or a more permanent solution, our selection of folding portable wheelchair ramps can be easily moved and stored while remaining durable enough to cope with everyday use.

Further information you can find in Wheelchair Ramp Buying Guide.

Der Rampen Shop offers a variety of wheelchair ramps suitable for your needs. We help you find the correct wheelchair ramp, channel ramps, threshold ramps or step ramps, for your private house or for your company, hospital or care homes.

All of our wheelchair ramps are built to cater you needs, to remove day to day obstacles and to give back the independence to wheelchair users.