Wheelchair Ramp Buying Guide

Der Rampen Shops Wheelchair Ramps are used extensively in the nursing care sector and nursing home industries, as well as by private individuals. We understand that finding the best suitable ramp can be overwhelming. So, we offer this guide to help ensure that you get the best ramp for your purposes.

Ramp Length

The load height is the most important information to determine the correct length for the wheelchair ramp. Definition loading height: the vertical measurement from the ground to where you rest the ramp onto. The correct load height is also stated in every product.

Manual Wheelchairs:

Minimum, recommend load height is 1 : 6 ; for example, for a load height of 100mm you need a minimum length of 600mm.

Mobility Scooters and electric wheelchairs:

Minimum, recommend load height is 1 : 8 ; mobility scooter ramps need to be longer due to the low ground clearance. Thus, for example, for a load height of 100mm you need a minimum length of 800mm.

As rule of thumb, the longer the ramp, the smoother the gradient, therefore easier to use for the wheelchair user.


In our video you will find further instructions on which measurements are needed and how to measure correctly.

Ramp Width

It's worth remembering that your ramp needs to be wide enough to accommodate your wheelchair/mobility scooter yet narrow enough to fit into the threshold you are bridging.

Our Wheelchair Ramps

Channel Ramps

  • Ideal to access vehicles
  • Anti-Slip Aluminium or black grip Surface for better grip
  • Manufactured from lightweight Aluminium
  • Not recommended for mobility scooters due to high side walls

Threshold Ramps

  • Used to bridge thresholds
  • Available in aluminium, fibreglass and rubber
  • Simply lay down and start loading
  • Fibreglass ramps are not suitable for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters

Economy Wheelchair Ramps


Folding Ramps – Standard Width and Extra Wide

  • Foldable, simply open, put in position and start loading
  • Lightweight, durable and have an anti-slip grip surface
  • Suitable for manual, electric wheelchairs or scooters

Multi-Folding Ramps

  • This range folds to half its length and then to half its width, for easy storage
  • Black anti-slip grip surface for better grip on the ramps, even when wet
  • Suitable for manual, electric wheelchairs or scooters

Premium Wheelchair Ramps



  • Folds down the length of the ramp - Boasts a 300kg capacity
  • Lightweight, robust with a blue anti-slip surface
  • Suitable for manual, electric wheelchairs or scooters
Premium Folding


  • Unique honeycomb design ensures incredible strength – Capacity up to 300kg
  • Rest on connection, to fit just rest on and start loading
  • Ideal for small steps and kerbs, suitable for both manual and electric wheelchairs/mobility scooters
Premium Non-Folding

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