Premium Bi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps

Our bi-fold wheelchair ramp of the premium range with black surface is available in the lengths between 1830mm - 2730mm. These ramps can simply be fold by half its width and half its length, can be carried folded like a suitcase with its ergonomic carrying handle. These wheelchair ramps are quite popular to offer temporary access for wheelchairs to shops, cafes and pharmacies.

Folding Wheelchair Ramps FAQ’s

Length (mm)1830-2730
Width (mm)740
Max. Load Height (mm)300 - 450
Weight (kg)14,8 - 20,6
Weight per ramp (kg)7,4 - 10,3
Capacity (kg)362-250

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Product: Premium Bi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps

  • Easy To Fit
  • Electric Wheelchair
  • Manual Wheelchair
  • Mobility Scooter Friendly
  • 1 Year Warranty
As low as €841.00 €725.00
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  • With anodised aluminium surfaces to prevent corrosion and stains
  • Robust anti-slip surface for better grip while using the ramp
  • Manufactured with aerospace technology for for improved and strong structure, whilst remaining lightweight
  • Manufactured from high quality aluminium (Type 6005A)
  • With a blue anti slip surface for improved grip and high visibility
  • Ergonomic fold away handles
  • Unique ramp head and foot allows that the ramp can be used both ways
  • Simple folded by half its width for easy transport and storage
  • Velcro tape holds the ramp together when folded
  • Maximum capacity of 350kg
  • The non-slip surface on all of our wheelchair ramps is glued onto the metal ramp. Therefore these ramps are not suitable to be kept outside and exposed to weather
  • Quick and easy to set up, no installation required; to fit just rest on and start loading
  • With rubber under the head and foot to prevent the ramp from sliding away while using
  • Can be parted into two length halves for easier and independent handling of the ramp

Premium Bi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp


  • Length (mm): 1830
  • Width (mm): 740
  • Max. Load Height (mm): 300
  • Capacity (kg): 350
  • Weight (kg): 14,8
  • Weight per half (kg): 8.0


  • Length (mm): 2130
  • Width (mm): 740
  • Max. Load Height (mm): 350
  • Capacity (kg): 300
  • Weight (kg): 16,6
  • Weight per half (kg): 9.0


  • Length (mm): 2440
  • Width (mm): 740
  • Max. Load Height (mm): 405
  • Capacity (kg): 250
  • Weight (kg): 18,6
  • Weight per half (kg): 10.0


  • Length (mm): 2730
  • Width (mm): 740
  • Max. Load Height (mm): 455
  • Capacity (kg): 250
  • Weight (kg): 20,6
  • Weight per half (kg): 11,0
Capacity (kg) 362-250
Internal Width (mm) 732
Length (mm) 1830-2730
Max. Load Height (mm) 300 - 450
Weight (kg) 14,8 - 20,6
Width (mm) 740
1 Year Warranty Yes
Easy To Fit Yes
Electric Wheelchair Yes
Manual Wheelchair Yes
Mobility Scooter Friendly Yes