Indoor Cable Protectors

Indoor Cable Protectors are flexible and versatile

Der Rampen Shop's 3 step guide to find the most suitable cable protectors:

1. How many cables do you want to cover? Choose the right amount of cable channels, however you can put more than one cable in a channel if required but ensure there is enough space

2. How big are your cables? - Find the correct channel size

3. Which colour do you want? - For safety in office spaces we always recommend our range of black with yellow safety stripes for higher visibility, others like the plain black as it tends to blend in more.

Lightweight cable protectors manufactured from high quality PVC, can be cut to length as required.

Are you looking for a more robust floor cable protector? Our cable covers range offer effortless protection with an additional snap-open design and with high resistance non-slip surfaces and an interlocking connector system so you can increase the length as needed. Simple to take apart and connect together - so your wires won't need to be re-inserted between uses. 

Our range of lightweight cable protectors vary in widths of up to 121mm and can reach lengths of up to up to 9 metres. Shop now for a reliable, highly durable and cost effective solution for your loose leads and wires and with gently sloping edges on either side to create minimal impact to passers-by. Your rubber cable protector can be fitted to almost all environments whilst remaining extremely durable and strong.

For Heavy Duty purposes, please check our heavy duty cable protectors. We offer besides the economy range also the brands Adam Hall Defender® und Checkers™ in our shop.