Checkers™ Cable Protectors

We offer in addition to our standard range of cable protectors also the high quality Checkers™ cable protectors, available are Guard Dog®, Linebacker®, Firefly® and the lightweight Fastlane® cable covers.

Checkers™ products prime with their high quality and long durability, which is in its form unique on the market. Manufactured and patented in the USA we offer a few of their most popular products from stock. Should you be interested in other Checkers™ which we don't list, we can certainly help you out.

To prevent tripping hazards in warehouses, production and events, they reliably protect cables, wires and hoses. Robust and resistent cable protectors; easy to connect to get the required length - high safety for cables, wires and hoses even in extreme stress situations. Checkers™ cable protectors are manufactured from robust plastic to withstand every weather.

The Linebacker® and Guard Dog® Cable Protectors offer protection for any kind of cable in 3 or 5 channels. Sloped edges allow for safe passage of vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

Fastlane® Cable Covers are compact and robust, lightweight and ideal for indoors and outdoors.

The Contrasting colours and LED powered lights of the Firefly® range offer high visibility even in darkness.