Cable Protectors & Cable Covers

Shop for quality cable covers and accessories online at Der Rampen Shop. Here you will find a range of indoor cable protectors and external cable guards in stock for use in temporary and permanent locations.

Manufactured from high grade rubber and all-weather polyurethane, our cable ramps will help to protect your wires and leads from damage whilst also preventing against electric shock and trip hazards.

Our flexible lightweight rubber cable protectors are small, lightweight and an elegant solution for cable protection in your office. Suitable indoors, you can insert the cables from underneath. The own weight of the cable cover in combination with the cable weight will hold the cover safely on the ground and the anti-slip bottom will prevent any further movements. It can be simply cut with a scissor or knife to the length required; we also offer various lengths, with the maximum length of 9m.

We offer two different cable covers, in high-visible yellow polyurethane and in deep black rubber. The long side of the cable covers have a smooth gradient, so the driving over with a wheelchair or a pushchair are made possible. Ideally be used indoors and outdoors as a temporary measure for cable protection, e.g. on constructions areas with foot traffic. These cable covers are not suitable to be used with a vehicle.

Our cable protectors are suitable for the use on construction sites to bridge over cables and hoses and protect those from vehicles and HGV traffic; with a maximum capacity of 12000kg per axle.

We also official trader for Checkers™, a company specialised on industrial cable protectors and cable covers. In their quality those products are unique and are truly unequalled. Our in-stock products are cable protectors of the Guard Dog®, Linebacker® and Fastlane® cable covers. Should you require a different product from Checkers™, we can help you out.

Cable protectors are used on festivals, fun parks and fun fairs, but also in stadiums, concerts, film sets and constructions areas. With our wide range of cable protectors you have covered all of those and more application areas, and can provide a safe environment for for yourself and everyone else.