Folding Drive In Ramp 150mm high (1250mm + 450mm long x 750mm wide)

For permanent use, this two-part version of the drive-in ramp is provided. A fold-up tail allows closing a door whose threshold is bridged without having to clear the ramp - e.g. Sliding balcony doors or the front door. The height of the ramp can be easily adjusted and adapted to the obstacle.

Wheelchair Bridge Ramps FAQ’s

Length (mm)1250
Width (mm)750
Max. Load Height (mm)150
Weight (kg)13
Capacity (kg)300

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Product: Folding Drive In Ramp 150mm high (1250mm + 450mm long x 750mm wide)

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  • Light and easy to use, just lie down and you're ready to go
  • Made to bridge door sills and frames allowing you to close the door
  • Ideal for PVC and UPVC patio doors
  • Very light in weight and easy to carry
  • Capacity up to 300kg
  • Easily and safely adapt to the obstacle, by height adjustment up to 150mm
  • The surface of corrugated sheet offers you through the formations a very good skid resistance
  • Removing the ramp when the door has to be closed is not necessary, the tail is simply folded up
Capacity (kg) 300
Folded Length (mm) 450
Height (mm) 80
Length (mm) 1250
Max. Load Height (mm) 150
Weight (kg) 13
Width (mm) 750