Wheelchair Bridge Ramps FAQ

Are they suitable for electric wheelchairs & mobility scooters?

We do not recommend bridge ramps for electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters as they tend to have very low ground clearance, a long wheelbase which means as they cross the underside catches they can become stuck on the ramp. If you have a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair we would recommend a rubber threshold ramp on either side of the door.

How wide are they?

Most of our bridge ramps are about 70cm wide so that they are narrow enough to fit in door frames but still wide enough for a manual wheelchair.

Can they be used on uneven rises?

We recommend bridge ramps for even heights otherwise one ramp will be steeper than the other which is not comfortable to cross and could cause the ramp to move during use.

For this situation you can use either fibreglass threshold ramp or drive in ramp

How can I ensure the ramp does not come into contact with the threshold?  

The fibreglass threshold ramp and the bridge threshold ramp has legs/supports to prevent the ramp and preventing it touching the threshold. Other bridge ramps do flex and may come into contact with the threshold, we would recommend checking your doorway is suitable prior to use.

Can I leave the ramp in place?

As the ramp is placed in the doorway, you will be unable to close the door while the ramp is in place. Our folding drive in ramps can be left in place as it has a fold-up tail which can be moved to allow the door to close. 

Bridge Threshold Ramp Bridge Threshold Ramp Bridge Threshold Ramp