Modular Wheelchair Ramps FAQ

What is a modular ramp?

Modular wheelchair ramps are ramp systems which are provided in various pieces which connect together to create the required ramp length. These ramps can be provided with or without handrails. They can be created in any length for a variety of heights. Generally the recommended gradient for a modular ramp is 1:12.

What size door is required for wheelchair access? 

It does depend on the size of the wheelchair. Our modular kits are provided in various widths between 900mm -1500mm whilst our portable ramps are provided in sizes from 660mm upwards. 

Can modular ramps be customised? 

Yes. The ramps can be provided in any length. The ramps can include platform(s) as required along with step kits and U-shaped handrails to meet the users needs. We are also able to manufacture specific parts to you requirement. Our team will be happy to assist in providing a quote based on your measurements. 

How easy is it to assemble a modular kit?

A confident DIYer or builder will be able to put together our modular kits. We have an instruction video and guide available for galvanised steel system here and Installation Guide in Image and Word of the FEAL Aluminium modular ramp systems.

How much does a modular wheelchair ramp cost?

This does depend on your requirements, our modular ramps start at 2038,22€ inc. VAT. 

What is the modular ramps made from?

Our modular wheelchair ramps are produced from anodised aluminium or galvanised steel. This ensures these ramps durable and weatherproof. Aluminium however is more lightweight than steel and therefore probably easier to carry.

Are wheelchair ramps required?

In private homes it is up to the individual as to whether they have wheelchair ramp access.

Do the ramps comply with DIN18040 barrier free building regulations?

Our modular ramp kits are designed as portable, temporary solutions and therefore do not need to comply. However, the 1300mm and 1500mm wide of both our ramp systems are compliant with the German DIN 18040 barrier free building regulations.

How long does it take to put the modular kit together?  

It does depend on the persons abilities who is putting the ramp together and the length/size of the system purchased. Please view our modular video and instruction guide for a better understanding of how the systems are put together to allow you to estimate how long it may take you. 

I want a ramp which I can leave in place but I do not want a modular system, is there a solution?

Yes. We have a portable wheelchair ramp with handrails (handrails are optional) which can be secured into place as there is a predrilled hole in the ramp. They can also be used as portable ramps by simply resting these on the step. They are available in 1830mm and 2440mm and are suitable for manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and scooters. 

I require steps and a ramp, is this possible?

Yes, we have various step kit available, for further advice please contact our team so they can work with you to find the best solution based on your requirements. 

Modular Wheelchair Ramp