Cushion Ease™ Mat 91 cm x 91 cm

Cushion Ease Solid 91cm x 91cm anti-fatigue single mat, compatible with MD-Ramp System for smart safety bevelling solutions; allows out and inside corners. Closed anti-slip pebble structure surface. Superb anti-fatigue properties due to its unique design underneath and high quality resilient rubber compounds. The individual mats are connecting with each other, no gluing required. Easy on-site installation, customised sizes on request.
Length (mm)910
Width (mm)910
Weight (kg)12.7

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Product: Cushion Ease™ Mat 91 cm x 91 cm
SKU: DRS-556S0033BL

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  • High quality resilient nitrile rubber compounds
  • Overall thickness: 19mm
  • Weight: 12.7kg per mat
  • Slip resistance R9 according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181
  • Free of DOP, DMF and ozone depleting substances
  • Free of silicone and heavy metals

More information about the anti-fatigue and working matting from NoTrax™ you can find in the catalogue!

SKU DRS-556S0033BL
Length (mm) 910
Weight (kg) 12.7
Width (mm) 910