Pallet Truck Ramp

Smooth angled foot, this allows for easy access onto the ramp with a pallet truck. By standard these ramps are without safety edges, for loading wide pallets into the container.

The maximum load height of 175mm is fitted for the height of standard containers when placed on the floor. These loading ramps are also suitable to be used with small steps and kerbs.

For custom change of the load height, safety edges or the connection option we charge an additional 77,35€ inc. VAT per ramp or per ramp pair.

SKU Capacity (kg) Length (mm) Max. Load Height (mm) Weight (kg) Width (mm) Price
DRS1800CON 1000 1800 175 34 1000 €690.15 €594.96
DRS2000CON 1000 2000 175 37 1000 €716.47 €617.65
DRS2400CON 1000 2400 175 45 1000 €787.63 €678.99

Hubwagen Verladerampen  Hubwagen Verladerampen  Hubwagen Verladerampen

Der Rampen Shop's single piece pallet truck loading ramps for extra low heights, suitable for a maximum load height of 175mm. Manufactured from lightweight aluminium and robot welded for the most solid and durable construction, these ramps have been certified up to 1000kg capacity and tested to 200% of this capacity.

All of our vehicle ramps are fabricated without safety edges, but these can be added on request. This will make the internal width of the ramp 60mm narrower. Please be aware that if you request a hook end to your vehicle ramp, it may be slightly shorter than the advertised length. Our friendly sales team will be able to assist you with any queries regarding this or any request for customisation.

Ideal for loading pallets with a pallet truck into a container or over small steps.

Usage guidelines and safety information for this product can be found here.