Rubber Kerb Ramps Kits

  1. Rubber Kerb Ramp Kit (150mm high)

    Rubber Kerb Ramp Kit (150mm high)

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  2. 1x Paar Mittelelemente (2x 600mm lang) und 1x Paar Endelemente (2x 300mm lang)

    Rubber Kerb Ramp Kit (100mm high)

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Our rubber kerb ramps are made from 100% recycled rubber and feature a capacity of up to 5000kg, ideal for most vehicles. You can either fix them to the ground or simply lie down and start using on request.

These extremely robust kerb ramps are durable, strong, non-slip and versatile. Simply measure the height of the kerb vertical and choose the equivalent ramp and the needed length. As singles, pairs and kits you can extend these ramps to any length.

We supply universal fixings for tarmac or concrete free of charge so you can secure your rubber kerb ramps to any kerb for permanent use.

Bulk prices are available, please contact us for further information.