Kerb Ramps

We provide a range of rubber and fibreglass reinforced plastic kerb ramps. Ideal for grant access over every kerb and step, for vehicles, sack barrows and even wheelchairs. Suitable for domestic and industrial use to provide access for pedestrians and wheelchair users around your construction site.

The rubber kerb ramps are manufactured from 100% recycled rubber and provide a capacity of up to 5000kg, ideal for loading the most common cars and vehicles. You can either fix them to the floor or use them temporary by simply lie them down when needed.

Our glass reinforced plastic kerb ramps are ideal as temporary solution, simply lie down and start loading.

If you need advice on which product is the best solution for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our service team. These ramps are also ideal for loading vehicles over small steps and kerbs. More information about car ramps can be found here.

All prices stated are including delivery charges within Germany. Bulk prices are available on these products.