Car Ramps

Der Rampen Shop offers a variety of solutions for car ramps, wether you need to load them, or need to maintain them, we can help you with our products.

The ramp profile of our DRS40 Series Car Ramps is 40mm and can carry capacities of up to 2900kg. We offer these car ramps in three different widths: 315mm, 415mm and 615mm.

With its low profile these car ramps are best suitable for load cars, motorbikes and other lightweight vehicles, especially when the entrance to garages or other pathways is very low. On top of that, these ramps are ideal for loading vehicles with low ground clearance.

Our new wheel risers manufactured form high durable polyurethane are ideal for service and maintenance on vehicles with a capacity of up to 2500kg, even on your garage. Available with a height of up to 295mm.

We also offer a dual purpose ramps which can either be used a loading ramps, with a length of 1830mm for a load height of max. 550mm or as wheel riser for a height of up to 155mm.