TuffTrak© Mats & Ground Protection

Our range on Mats & Ground Protection and similar products from TuffTrak™.

Manufactured from high molecular weight polyethylene, our range of TuffTrak® ground protection matting wont chip, crack or rot. They are also non-conductive, puncture resistant, weather-proof, water resistant and, resistant to corrosion from acids, alkalis and solvents, which makes them the best choice for industrial and commercial applications.

Wet, muddy or uneven ground conditions can cause projects to be delayed or even halted. With ground protection mats, you can significantly reduce risk whilst also providing a safer working environment for your workforce. Creating temporary access roads for heavy equipment & machinery, trackway panels and ground protection mats help prevent severe rutting or damage to ground and landscaping. Ground protection matting can be used for stadiums, events, landscaping and site access; wherever saving the cost of remedial ground restoration is a factor.

The note of capacities depends on the nature of the under ground.
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