Heavy Duty Loading Bridges

Heavy Duty Loading Bridges with a capacity of up to 3420kg are smaller than the removable loading bridges but better suitable for more heavy goods, forklifts and other vehicles while loading. These bridges can be adapted in their width to your request. Prices may differ.

Heavy Duty Loading Bridges Heavy Duty Loading Bridges Heavy Duty Loading Bridges
SKU Capacity (kg) Length (mm) Max. Load Height (mm) Weight (kg) Width (mm) Price
DRS-627/2TL 3420 627 30 17 1262 €533.21 €459.66
DRS-752/2TL 2895 752 40 19 1262 €574.15 €494.96
DRS-877/2TL 2510 877 45 22 1262 €609.24 €525.21
DRS-1000/2TL 2215 1002 50 25 1262 €725.24 €625.21

We recommend that your custom width be at least 0.70m larger than your load width. Ideally, for workers’ safety, your loading bridge should be the same width of the transport vehicle's load width.

These ramps come with rest on connections – simply position your bridge between the transport vehicle deck and your loading surface (such as a loading bay) and go! All you need to ensure is that the rest on connections must rest against the load platform and transport vehicle deck for at least 0.10 m. Lastly, ensure that the slope between the two surfaces should never exceed 12.5%, or 7 degrees.