Loading Bridges

With our range of loading bridges you can improve the safety while loading goods and loads. Whether it is used for pedestrians, trolleys or pallet trucks, you can purchase a product that offers a solutions to all those loading issues.

These ramps come with rest on connections – simply position your bridge between the transport vehicle deck and your loading surface (such as a loading bay) and go. For safety reasons we recommend that you ensure that width of the bridge is not essentially narrower than the width of the vehicle.

The capacities are between 450kg for the access loading bridges up to 3420 kg for heavy duty loading bridge.

Choose from our wide product range of aluminium access bridges, which allow you to walk or drive over small obstacles; our removable loading bridges, which connect the back a transport vehicle to a loading surface; our hinged tailboards which are attached to you lorry for direct access from the lorry to the loading deck; or our heavy duty loading bridge which is strong enough for loads of up to 3420kg.