Skywalker HD™ Anti-Fatigue Matting

The 13mm thick worker platform with an ergonomic bubble pattern for maximum anti-fatigue comfort in dry industrial environments. The unique design and craftsmanship make the mat easy to handle and easy to install. A tooled grid of 30 cm x 30 cm sections on the underside of the mat makes further customisation quick and easy. Attachable beveled edges prevent tripping available to allow inside and outside corners. Snap together tiles of 91 cm x 91 cm can be easily assembled for coverage of large areas or individual work stations.


  • Skywalker HD™ Safety Ramp Nitrile male and female attachable beveled edges, 91 cm, black or yellow.
  • Skywalker HD Yellow™Safety Line for marking security areas, working areas and safety zones
  • Skywalker HD Curve™ Series, inside and outside angels, suitable for corners, s-curves, rounding and full circles. Available in 5 suitable rubber compounds
  • Cushion Ease Solid™ Natural rubber matting