3-Channel Heavy Duty Cable Protector

Straight 3 Channel cable protector section 75mm high and with a capacity of up to 12.000kg. Vehicles are only safe to cross with normal or high ground clearance, do not cross with vehicles with a low ground clearance. Reduces the speed down to walking pace and can therefore be used as speed bump, too.

Cable Covers & Cable Protectors FAQ’s

Length (mm)900
Width (mm)500
Weight (kg)12

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Product: 3-Channel Heavy Duty Cable Protector

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  • High Visability
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Our 3-channel cable protector for heavy duty and HGV traffic, which can be interconnected with each other to any length desired. With its height and capacity this product can also be used as speed bump.

  • Dimensions: 75mm high x 900mm long x 500mm wide
  • Body and lid are made from thermo-plastic polyurethane
  • 12000kg Capacity Per Axle
  • Contrasting black and yellow body
  • Recommended speed limit is walking pace

The maximum weight on the cable protector should not exceed 6000kg per tyre.

Height (mm) 76
Length (mm) 900
Weight (kg) 12
Width (mm) 500
1 Year Warranty Yes
Bulk Prices Yes
Easy To Fit Yes
High Visability Yes
Cable Protector Color black/yellow
Channel Width (mm) 63.5
Channel Height (mm) 63.5
Max Cable/ Hose Diameter (mm) 66.4
No. Channels 3
Capacity per Axle (kg) 12000
Capacity per tyre (kg) 6000
Durometer A A93
Elongation at Break 500%
Tensile Strength 12 MPa
Recommended Speed Limit (km/h) 5